Ways to get scholarships for college

Ways to get scholarships for college

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

College is expensive. Whether you can afford it or not it is always smart to save money by applying to scholarships. Scholarships are way better than taking out student loans because you don’t have to pay them back and they accrue zero interest.

Below is a list of places to look for all types of college scholarships.

Scholarship websites

There are thousands of scholarship websites out there, but I happen to prefer Chegg, Fastweb and College Prowler.


According to Chegg, it’s the easiest way to find money for college. This student hub connects students with the resources they need to succeed in college. You can buy text books on Chegg and even upload your class schedule so you never miss an assignment.


Fastweb defines itself as the “premier online resource when it comes to paying for and preparing for school.” After you register with the website you complete an in-depth questionnaire, which matches you with scholarships that you qualify for and have a chance of winning.

College Prowler

College Prowler is much more than just a scholarship website. It is a website that helps students find a college, find scholarships, ask questions and read reviews from current students of the schools they are looking at.

University websites

All universities will have a website for financial aid and scholarships. Simply Google “Scholarships [Insert school name]” and the website will pop up. There are scholarships sponsored by alumni and/or grants for students attending a particular school. This is why it is always important to search for scholarships specific to your school.

Government websites

Check out this website. This is the Federal Student Aid website. Different states may have different grants/scholarships. For instance, Florida’s financial aid is known as FAFSA.