What To Look For When Hiring An Online Tutor

What To Look For When Hiring An Online Tutor

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 8 Nov 2021

For many students, the road to success in online learning involves getting help from experienced online tutors. A good tutor can get you A’s and B’s, but unfortunately finding an ideal tutor is not always easy.

Here are seven things to keep an eye out for when you go to hire class help online:


Don’t be embarrassed to ask about the cost of help up front. You’ve got to do it! Since most online tutors are paid by the hour, deciding how much you’re willing to pay per hour is important. Compare prices and qualifications so you can determine what a fair price is. Tutors that charge extremely low prices should be approached cautiously.


While it’s not necessary for an online tutor to have a college degree, you should find someone who has impressive qualifications. If you hire a subject matter expert, you’re sure to get good grades.

Services Offered

Some tutors help with concepts while others will complete work and attend classes. Before you hire a tutor, see what services tutors are offering right now. Hire someone who can do whatever you need. For example, if you are looking for someone who can take classes for you, ask a tutor directly, “Can you take my online class for me?” This way, both you and the tutor are on the same page before you hire them.

Teaching Experience

Just because a tutor has teaching experience doesn’t mean they’re a good tutor. Look for tutors who’ve handled your subject before. A good tutor will be fluent in the subject matter. If the tutor has taken or taught the course you’re in, their help will be invaluable.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

A tutor must have good communication skills. When interviewing potential hires, make note of who communicates best. If you find a subject matter expert who can communicate well, you’ll be in good shape. An expert tutor will be able to provide concise answers and they’ll also be able to understand instructions. Moreover, a good tutor can thoroughly explain concepts, even the difficult ones.


When you hire an online tutor, you should pay them by the hour. The tutor should not abuse this arrangement, i.e. they should follow a structured work schedule so billing is consistent and accountable. You don’t want a tutor who shows up 15 minutes late to class—they aren’t worth it!

Time Zone

With online tutoring, you can work with tutors in any part of the world. However, getting help from a distant land may not be a good idea. Hire a tutor who lives in the same time zone as you, as doing so will help the working relationship be a good one. If the tutor is getting up and going to bed when you are, you’ll be able to set realistic expectations and deadlines for work completion.