Which Career Path Should You Choose – Safe Or Inspiring?

Which Career Path Should You Choose – Safe Or Inspiring?

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 2 Apr 2018

Choosing a career based on passion might lead you away from productivity and efficiency. But too much focus can drive people away from the important things like their friends and family. Should you follow your dreams or a safe path? We list three things you should consider before choosing a career:

Never Choose a Career Just to Make Money:

There is more to a career than money. It may seem like everything at the beginning of a career, but very soon you’ll find that it’s not. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing while you’re earning money, you’re basically slaving away.

Don’t Take Up a Job Only Because of a ‘Guarantee’:

There’s no such thing as a guaranteed safe career, even if it’s in a traditional field. Not long ago, choosing a career in banking, medicine, or law once guaranteed monthly salary and job guarantee. But this is no longer the case. The economy changes quickly and you should remember that.

A Career You Don’t Love is Bad for Your Health:

There are too many stories about stressed employees working themselves to death. How many people have you heard of who go through a midlife crisis or have to see a therapist because they’re depressed about their daily life? This is really serious. It will be to your long term benefit to do something you enjoy at least a bit.

There’s no such thing about a safe path in life. Taking risks is part of what makes living all the more rewarding. If you love something but are afraid it won’t pay, try it for a year or two before making a decision you might regret.

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