Why Did I Pay Someone To Take My Online Test

Why Did I Pay Someone To Take My Online Test

Posted By: admin Posted On 14 Nov 2015

We’ve all cheated at least once in our academic life- some cheat a little and some cheat a lot. While cheating in a conventional classroom environment is often limited to cheat sheets, they’ve taken a whole new meaning in an online setting. I’ve cheated too, but I’m not alone- around 37% of students admitted to cheating online classes. I’ve paid people to take my online test, hired experts to do my homework, and even got them to take my online class for me. Here’s why it makes sense to seek help to complete an online course:

• Millions of students like me who work full-time take up online courses to further our careers. We’re balancing a tightrope that includes managing family commitments, work related deadlines, and last minute academic assignments. Managing time is a constant battle- one that we often lose.

• Online learning is flexible, but rigorous. Most online courses consist of video lectures and reading assignments followed by tests, quizzes, homework essays, and discussions. A typical course takes about 14-20 hours per week. With so much to do and so little time on hand, hiring a homework helper seems inevitable.

• Even the most unconventional approach towards education includes the use of grades to evaluate a students’ understanding of the subject. Thus, a good grade equals good understanding. This isn’t always true, especially among students who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject, but have no time or are not good at taking tests.

• As much as we hate the system, good grades guarantee a decent platform in the job market. Why should I be a loser with low grades when I can hire someone else to help me with my online class and get good grades?
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing the homework as long as they are reasonable. It makes no sense to write a 5 page essay in three days when I have work and other commitments to balance.