Q.”How do I know that Online Class Helpers isn’t a scam?”

A. We’re asked all the time about the legitimacy of our service, and we understand that hiring someone to take your online for you can be worrisome. However, Online Class Helpers employs true professionals who are there for you every step of the way. We’ll provide status updates on your homework and work with you to ensure your assignments are completed on-time. Plus, we offer a money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk involved in signing up for online class help. With over five years experience in the industry and thousands of students helped, we’re confident in our service and professionalism.

Q.”Can you write a term paper for me or complete my annoying discussion posts?”

A. Yes, we employ expert writers for online class help to handle everything, from difficult, multi-page papers to those tedious weekly discussion posts.

Q. “I have homework or a test that’s due tomorrow. Can you get it done for me?”

A. It depends. If you have an accounting test due tomorrow, we can absolutely schedule an expert to take it for you. If you have a 20-page paper due tomorrow morning, our tutors are only human, and probably will not be able to type that quickly. In general, though, most emergency assignments can be handled on short notice. Feel free to reach out to a representative through our live chat and they’ll be able to offer more precise answers, depending on the type of assignment you have.

Q.”How do I know your tutor will earn me a good grade?”

A. All of our tutors hold graduate degrees in their field of study and have completed hundreds of courses just like yours over the years. We background check each tutor to ensure your safety and privacy, guaranteeing risk-free results.

Q.”What does your service cost?”

A. Our prices vary depending on the scope of your work, whether or not it’s an emergency and what type of class you’re taking. Generally, upper-level classes require more skill and time than basic undergraduate courses, so those will cost more. Papers generally require more time as well. A representative can work with you to find a price that fits.

Q.”Do you require a down payment for service?”

A. We do require a minimal down payment, but we can break up subsequent payments into smaller chunks to make our service more affordable for you.

Q.”What if your tutor doesn’t earn me a good grade?”

A. We stand behind our service and offer a full refund to any client who does not earn an A or B in their course. We guarantee good grades in all the work we complete or we’ll provide your money back, no questions asked.